Policy advocacy


  1. Citizen manifesto amplified (CMA) Lira, Dokolo
  2. Tax my MP campaign in Lira, Otuke, Alebtong, Amolatar, Dokolo
  3. Strengthening Local Government Financing and Accountability (SLOGFA) in Lira
  4. Research (Community Scorecard, UWEZO, Parliamentary Watch, Citizen’s perception on Uganda’s governance) in Lira, Otuke, Dokolo, Amolatar, Alebtong
  5. Community Health Advocacy Network (CHAIN) project in Lira, Alebtong, Otuke district

Capacity strengthening and development


LNF Membership

LNF is a voluntary umbrella Non-Governmental organization (NGO membership organization in Northern Uganda) to represent Civil Society Organization (CSOs) in Lango sub region in their diversity; local, national and international, working in Northern Uganda. LNF members enjoy a number of benefits including constructive engagement with government at local and national level through networking, partnerships, collaborations and collective action.

This includes;

  • Benefits enjoyed by members
  • Membership categories
  • Membership requirements
  • Membership forms for application


Every three years the annual general assembly elects the nine member Board of directors that plays an oversight role and provides strategic direction to LNF


The NGO Quality Assurance Certification Mechanism (QuAM) is a self regulation initiative developed by NGOs and for NGOs in Uganda; to promote the adherence by NGOs and NGO Networks to generally acceptable ethical standards and operational norms. Lira NGO Forum has been supporting buy in by NGOs themselves and other stakeholders in Northern region, as well as working with the National QuAM Council and the QuAM Secretariat.

LNF has received its QuAM certificate after being vetted and fully meeting the minimum requirements needed by the National QuAM Council. With funding from Democratic Governance Facility (DGF), Lira NGO Forum has deliberately ensured a process to prepare its member organizations meet the minimum requirements so as to attain QuAM certificates.

The Support Programme for Advocacy Networks (SPAN)


To build a sub-national citizen-led advocacy ecosystem for greater transparency, accountability and quality service delivery in Uganda.


  • To strengthen the capacity of civil society at the sub national level to develop an eco-system of actors who are able to link, learn and work together in their bid to hold their respective leadership more accountable.
  • To develop an elaborate Citizen Infrastructure and Referral System (CIRS) that is able to galvanize civic actions at community, district and regional levels as a social base for national and international civic engagement.


District level CSO Leadership Capacity Enhancement;

Developing Local Advocacy Hubs; Learning, Networking and Accountability for Results;

Developing Evidence Networks to produce Advocacy Content

Citizen mobilization and participation


Strengthening Accountability and governance through inclusive Community Voice and Empowerment (SAVE)


To enhance Citizens civic competence and increase their involvement and participation in service delivery planning, budgeting and monitoring

SAVE Project builds on the ended project called Citizen Accountability Project CAP. The purpose of the project is “ To build an informed and Vibrant Civil Society and Citizenry working with accountable and responsible leadership in Lango sub-region”. This project further seeks to promote citizen mobilization, engagement to strengthen local structures and capacities to improve social services. The project will also set a strong CSO structure for higher level advocacy that will hold duty bearers accountable to their citizens.

Citizen Accountability Project (CAP)


To build an informed and Vibrant Civil Society and citizenry working with accountable and responsible leadership in Lango Sub-region.


  • To strengthen service delivery accountability systems and structures to ensure effective and efficient services to the citizens in Health, Education, Roads and Production sectors.
  • Improve implementation performance of development programmes and projects in the areas of Health, Education, Roads and Production and community driven programmes through increased participation and ownership by citizens in the decision-making processes.
  • Coordinate the activities of the Regional Advocacy Network (RAN) North (Lango, Acholi and West Nile)
  • Empowerment of the service users through participation in community development programmes targeting communities in post war reconstruction of Lango sub-region.
  • To improve the efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of interventions through community-based interventions for a responsive local government leadership and good governance in Lira, Otuke, Alebtong, Amolatar, Dokolo

Community Empowerment for good governance (CEGG)


To strengthen the capacity of citizens and communities in Lira and Amolatar districts to participate in local governance and accountability processes


  • To strengthen the participation of youth in local governance systems and structures for effective and efficient services delivery to the citizens in the sectors of Health, Roads and Production.
  • Improve implementation performance of development programmes and projects in the areas of Health, Roads and Production and community driven programmes through increased participation and ownership by the citizens in the decision-making processes
  • To build the institutional capacity of four local youth associations in Lira and the fishing group in Amolatar districts on local governance, participation and accountability in Lira, Otuke, Alebtong, Amolatar, Dokolo

Social Accountability and community monitoring (SACM)


To strengthen the capacity of social accountability committee under NUSAF 2 to monitor government programs


  • To mobilize communities pre identified under NUSAF 2 , beneficiaries and social accountability committees to participate in the governance and accountability of the sub projects
  • Strengthen capacity of the social accountability committees through mentoring and training to  Monitor and participate in Government development programs

Community Responsibility to enhance Transparency and All (CRETA)


To build the capacity of community monitoring groups (CMGs) in enhancing community responsibility, transparency and accountability in the implementation of the NUSAF III sub project and other government programs.

Citizen debate


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