Agago Bridge – Ogor Sub-county

Before the intervention of community accountability platform/CAP monitors of Ogor Sub County, Agago Bridge which links Otuke to Agago district got dilapidated to an impassable state. Thousands of people especially business people trading between the two districts suffered because they could not transport their goods through the route. Many people lost their produce and goods, others even died in this road in the process of crossing the swamp bridge in the rainy seasons, a number of plantation fields near Agago swamp/bridge have been destroyed by floods, farmers in Ogor lost perishable products because they could not access Orem market which used to register many buyers for their produce from Ogor and Agago, which in turn was a blow to education in terms of limited income to support children with scholastic materials. Atangwata health centre in Ogor, which serves hundreds of people from Agago could not be accessed and children who cross the bridge to study in Agago stopped going to school. Ogor Community Accountability platform monitors held a parliament on this bridge; Otuke District local government in consultation with Agago District responded to community demand and jointly constructed the bridge.

Anyalima Primary School, Ogor Sub-County

The school had undergone numerous problems, the class room roof has been blown up by winds, the former head teacher embezzled PTA funds totaling to 854,000 shillings and upon transfer he went with some school properties (two plastic chairs and a laptop). A community accountability parliament meeting was held on 27th 2017. This prompted the head teacher to refund 300,000 shillings and promised to pay the balance of 554000 shillings; 2 plastic chairs that head teacher had gone with and a laptop was also recovered after parliament. The recovered fund is being utilized to construct a staff house as seen below


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