LNF Membership

LNF is a voluntary umbrella Non-Governmental organization (NGO membership organization in Northern Uganda) to represent Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Lango sub region in their diversity – local, national and international, working in Northern Uganda. LNF members enjoy a number of benefits including constructive engagement with government at local and national level through networking, partnerships, collaborations and collective action.

Your organization is welcome to join over 45 of our active members. To determine your eligibility for membership and benefits please refer to the requirements that guarantees your membership

Benefits enjoyed by LNF Members

  • Collective voices for constructive engagement with government at local, regional and national level on issues concerning CSOs and development in the region through collaborations, networking and shared learning
  • Participation and involvement in strategy development, monitoring and decision-making on the direction of the secretariat
  • Opportunity to stand for election on LNF Governance organ – the Board, where members can offer oversight roles and provide strategic direction to LNF
  • Technical and specialized advise through capacity building, consultancy on different aspects to enable your organization grow and impact your communities and beneficiaries
  • Information center for necessary needs acquired at the Resource Center operated at the secretariat
  • Representation of member views and interests at different fora such as local, regional and national

Membership categories

LNF membership is drawn from NGOs/ CSOs registered with National NGO Board and district local government

LNF has three categories of membership;

  1. Full membership open to any NGO/CBD and any CSOs which share in the LNF values and goals
  2. Affiliate membership this include international and national organization with similar objectives
  3. Honorary Membership is open to organizations and individuals who have rendered a great service and secured benefits to LNF as recommended by the Board subject to AGM approval

Requirements for membership/ renewal

  • Introductory /recommendation letter from LC1,2 and 3
  • A copy of the constitution
  • Profile of the organization including those of the promoters
  • Photocopy of the previous registration certificate (not applicable to new members)
  • A copy of the completed LNF New Membership Registration Form (for new members) or the LNF Membership Renewal Form (for existing members)
  • Annual work plan and budget
  • Annual report where applicable
  • Registration fee UGX30,000
  • Renewal annual subscription fee
    • CBOs UGX 30,000
    • National NGOs UGX 50,000
    • International NGOs UGX 100,000