Acoto Primary School

This school is located in Agwata Sub County, Dokolo district- the school is facing challenge of inadequate staff houses yet most parents dodge paying PTA funds that could be used to put up such structures.

A community parliament was held at the school on 18/8/2016 with community parents; this led to the formation of PTA task force by parents to collect money forcefully from parents who do not want to subscribe to PTA.

The money was successfully collected and it is appropriately being utilized to construct a staff house above.

Agwata Health Centre III

Before the intervention of community parliament in this facility a ward was being shared among children, adult men and women, but after the parliament this  ward has been partitioned into two where children and women share the same but men have been allocated a separate ward.

A ply wood seen is the partition point that separates male and children ward; in front is the children ward.


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