Citizen Mobilization and Particpation

1) Community Response to Enhance Transparency and Accountability (CRETA)
CRETA is intended to reach 7680 people in the 32 watersheds across four districts of Lango under Lira NGO Forum. Overview of Project
  • To Mobilize Communities (pre-identified CMGs) from 4 districts across the NUSAF 3 watersheds in each district.
  • To train 1720 CMGs from involving 32 watersheds, on their:
        (1) roles and responsibilities
        (2) community monitoring
        (3) anti-corruption reporting mechanisms
        (4) documentation of their activities.
  • To provide on-going support to each CMG on a monthly basis
To strengthen the capacity of community monitoring groups to monitor government projects in the four districts
2) Strengthening Citizens Engagement in Election (SCENE)

Overall Objective of this project
To contribute to a well-coordinated vertical and horizontal network of civic organizations regularly engaging with citizens on electoral and political processes.
To build an informed and Vibrant Civil Society and citizenry working with accountable and responsible leadership in Lango Sub-region.