Baya-anwongipico Swamp

This road is located in Omoro Sub County, Alebtong District – communities along this road had been blocked completely from accessing health centers, markets and schools.

Lira NGO Forum held a community parliament in this road and reported the issue to Alebtong district local government in which after a short period the district responded and reconstructed the culvert line that had broken.

The construction is complete and the communities are now accessing markets, health and education services with much ease.

Ajuri Bridge

Ajuri bridge is located in Abako sub county Alebtong district.

The communities surrounding this swamp were blocked from accessing health and education services.

The community took initiative to build an alternative bridge that could connect them to health centers, schools and markets of which they made it out of wood (wood bridge).

A community parliament was held by Lira NGO forum on this bridge in which Alebtong district local government leaders were part of the meeting this led to the construction of a concrete bridge.

Baropiro Primary School – Omoro Sub-county

Baropiro Primary School had a case of inadequate classroom facilities.

Lira NGO Forum held an accountability talk show on radio QFM 94.3 in which one of the panelist was the Assistant Chief Administrative Officer (ACAO) of Alebtong district and a caller from Baropiro raised this problem during the talk show.

The ACAO responded by visiting the school where he established the problem on the ground, this led to the school being allocated a two classroom block worth 75 million in the financial year 2016/2017 now the construction is over and the classroom block is being utilized.

Angoltok Primary School – Abako Sub County

The school had 9 staffs, only   4 were residing in the school the rest were renting in far distance.

Lira NGO Forum through its CAP monitors held a community parliament meeting on 14/11/2016.

Parents were sensitized on their roles and responsibilities over education.

After the meeting parents took initiatives to construct staff houses by themselves using PTA funds.


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